Simple Valentine Party Inspiration

I do a lot of things on a whim.. this was one of them. I’ve been challenging myself to keep it simple because when I start on a project, I’m all in til I’m done. It takes over my mind and I don’t know how to shut it down until I complete the task. The bigger the event, the more my mind is running. Ultimately, why? It’s not about how big/detailed it is. The kids have the most fun when our parties are more interactive and hands on. This was one of my favorite events to decorate because of the sweet simplicity and how easy it would be to recreate without breaking the bank —> see it here on YouTube.

Supplies for a party of 4:

A large sheet or roll of white paper
Frog tape

Pink washi tape - $2
Red and pink card stock - $2

Napkins 2 sizes/2 colors - $5.40

Assorted balloons - $4.50 + already had the white
Electric balloon pump - already have

Cupcakes from Publix - $4
Assorted sprinkles/toppings - $12.50
Bowls for toppings - used what we have

Valentine gift boxes - $5 for a pack of 6 at Target
Pipe cleaners - $2.50
Stickers - $6
Crayons - $2

Wall Art:

  1. With the washi tape, tape the wall with a tic tac toe grid.

  2. Cut out 5 pink hearts and 4 red Xs.

I started out with a heart cut out from the roll of paper, but I didn’t like the final outcome so I switched it up.

Set the Table:

  1. Cut a sheet of the white paper roll to the size of the table top. Lay it on top (and frog tape it if necessary).

  2. To make the paper napkin heart doilies, see this Martha Stewart tutorial on —> Youtube. She moves a little fast, so I took a step-by-step photo above and included a slow version in our video.

  3. Scatter the doilies along the middle of the table.

  4. Place your bowls along the middle. Fill them up with your toppings/sprinkles.

  5. Fill up the balloons with the electric pump and scatter them around the table.

Gift Boxes:

  1. Cut the cardstock to fit into the gift boxes (I use a heavy-duty cutter to cut a stack of sheets at a time).

  2. Fill it with stickers, crayons, and pipe cleaners.

The gift boxes are meant to be a little craft kit for the kiddos. You could also add in some treats for them to take home.


  1. Cupcake decorating (and eating). We bought our cupcakes, but you could also bake and frost them with the kids.

  2. Make Valentine cards with the cardstock/stickers/crayons in their gift box.

  3. Make crowns/wands with the pipe cleaners.

Musical chairs and freeze dance would be easy games to pull off as well.

I love using balloons for all of my events because they’re cost effective (I say this a lot), I love the way they look, and the kids love bouncing them around (or running through them). The DIY cupcake (or cake) bar has always been a huge hit at our past events. Anything arts and crafts is Olivia’s cup of tea. We hope you have so much fun!!

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