DIY: Flipbook.

I love hand-making our own cards. I usually do a pop-up with a photo of Olivia inside, but I wanted to try something different for Christmas this year: flipbook!

Every Christmas, my favorite quote has to be from Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch:

It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled til his puzzler was sore. Then, The Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?

Last year’s pop-up card.

I planned our flipbook around that theme + I wanted to add a little throwback to last year’s pop-up card. Olivia is such a great listener that this was a breeze for her. When she saw the stack of boxes, she said to me, “Mom.. if I carry all those boxes, it’s going to cover my beautiful face.” Confidence.. ✔️.

I used my iPhone tripod + Bluetooth remote because I needed continuous photos in the same frame.

After photos, I had to lighten each photo in the PicTapGo app because it looked so dark coming out of my laser printer. Even with adjustments, the quality still wasn’t there, so I went to FedEx. Twice.

The first time around, I didn’t realize their cardstock would be too thick (more of a strain to flip through). Their 80lb matte cardstock cost $1.51 per page. He didn’t charge me a $5 “design” fee because he was nice and all he did was select print 9 per page for the layout. Cost per flipbook: $9.06.

The second time (at another location), I brought my own 60lb cardstock. Big difference in bend-ability. This time, she charged me $7.50 for a design fee and she took more steps than FedEx #1. She converted all 51 images into 1 pdf and placed it in a 4 per page layout (I wanted to make a bigger flipbook since the previous 9 were tiny). She fixed the margins/spacing as well. I preferred the way the layout was printed at FedEx #1 because it was easier to line up and cut. This time, I had to play around with my cuts (spacing wasn’t as equal). Because I brought my own paper, each page cost $0.69. Cost per flipbook: $8.97.

I’m going to write the directions below as if I were printing at home (that would’ve been the ideal and more cost-effective route).


About 50 photos
60lb cardstock (8.5x11)
Color printer
Heavy duty paper cutter
Glue gun
Rubber band (optional)

1. Take about 50 photos in a sequence. Have fun and move around so it shows up in the flipbook.

2. Upload the photos onto the computer. Save them in a folder for organization and easy access.

3. Select all the photos and click print. Under layout options, select print 9 per page (or 4).

4. Load your printer with 60lb cardstock. Print the photos.

5. Organize the printed pages into their sequence of order; it makes stacking up later easier.

6. Using the heavy duty paper cutter, take your stack of 6 papers and start cutting each image out. I like to do the borders first and then, I work my way in. TIP* After each stack is cut, line each stack in the same location as its printed location (if it was on the top left corner, organize the stack on the top left corner etc etc).

7. File each photo into the correct order. I flipped through the images on my phone to help me figure out the sequence of order. If you kept your printed pages in order after you cut them (mentioned in step 6), this makes the process so much simpler because it should already be in a pattern and the correct order. Set the stack aside.

8. Open a blank document on landscape in Pages (on Apple) or Word (on PC). Space through 2 pages (2 blank pages) and type your message on the 3rd page. Repeat this two more times on the same document for a total of 9 pages (with words on every 3rd page). When you go to print, select 9 per page under layout. Print on cardstock.

9. Take one cut photo to measure on your message sheet to make sure it’ll line up nicely. Cut to size. Trim the right side of the message if necessary.

10. Place the message sheet on top of your stack of photos. Wrap a rubberband around it to hold it in place for gluing.

11. Using the glue gun, glue the inner edge of the stack. Be pretty quick about it so that you can fold over the flap on top of the hot glue. Fold the flap over again.

12. Insert the extended flap into the paper cutter with the edge of your book up against the bracket. Lock it in place and pull up the stack of photos so that you can make a clean cut. Flipbook finished!

Olivia’s first outfit details:
Top: River Island (old)
Skirt: Moderne Child (old)
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

Olivia’s second outfit details:
Dress: H&M (from last year, but they have it again!)

Trees: Hobby Lobby (similar here)
DIY faux fireplace
Stars, garland, mini houses, candles, tree skirts, snowballs: Target