DIY: Ice Cream Shop.

So I eavesdropped on a conversation Olivia's teacher was having with another mom about the class treehouse; the kids voted to have the next theme revolve around an ice cream shop (the last was a space station). I haven't had a chance to volunteer since she started pre-k, but I was planning to make it more of a habit after winter break. After visiting the Miami Museum of Ice Cream recently, I had a dose of inspiration. I emailed her teacher the Wednesday before break and started working on it that Friday. When I dream something up in my head, I have to finish it asap or I'll constantly be thinking about it until it comes to life.

My house is usually cardboard central so I used whatever boxes were laying around.

2 - 24x20x10 boxes
1 - 24x18x18 box
1 - roll of Rifle Paper wrapping paper
White duct tape
White paper roll from Michael's
3 - wood dowels from Michael's
Paint/Paint brush
Letter stickers
Ice cream garland
Box cutter
Double-sided tape
Tissue paper (assorted colors)
Cardstock (matching the tissue paper)
Frog tape

1. Using a box cutter, I cut along a seam of the 24x18x18 box to make it into one long piece of cardboard.

2. I marked a line across the second panel (from the top) of the box. I marked it about 8 inches away from a seam to create the awning. Cut across the line with a box cutter.

3. With the shorter piece of cut cardboard, find an edge that makes a 90 degree angle. Mark a line that's approximately 8 inches in length and cut along the line. Use that triangle as a template to cut a matching one. These will be the sides of the awning.

4. With white duct tape, tape only the 8 inch side of each triangle to each 8 inch side of the awning. I also taped along the span of the top of the awning (where the seam of the box is).

5. Lay the two 24x20x10 boxes next to each other. Line the wrapping paper over the box and tape it to the box using double-sided tape. Fold any extra paper over the edges of the box for a seamless effect.

6. I didn't realize my wrapping paper would be too short in width for the boxes, so I made up for that my duct-taping the exposed sides.

7. The white paper roll will serve as the border of the ice cream stand. Measure out the white paper roll to fit around the sides of the boxes. Cut it to size and fold the roll in half (horizontally). Wrap it around the side panels of the box and tape the edges down with double-sided tape. Wrap and tape any excess paper to the back of the box.

8. Back to the awning, wrap the white paper roll over the front of the cardboard panel. Tape it to the back.

9. With duct tape, I taped the top and bottom of the white paper to the cardboard along the seams.

10. Fold the awning over and tape the edge of the triangles to the back panel of the box.

11. With the white paper roll, measure out the span of the awning (including the triangular side panels) and cut to size (with a few inches excess). Fold the paper in half horizontally.

12. I wanted to create a scallop effect for the awning, but without any other tools, I used the tape roll and drew my own scallops on the open end of the folded white paper. Cut along the scallops.

13. Wrap the paper around the span of the awning and secure it with double-sided tape. Fold down the white paper at the edge of the side panels to create a flat top on the front of the awning.

14. Paint the wooden dowels. Let them dry.

15. Glue the painted dowels in the center of the awning panel.

16. Use letter stickers to write out the name of the ice cream shop.

17. Using the ice cream garland, I cut out the individual ice cream cones from their string. I taped them to the awning using the adhesive already on there + double-sided tape.

18. This idea was completely inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream; dollops of melted ice cream on the wall. Cut random puddles from cardstock.

19. Roll tissue paper into balls and tape them onto the puddles. Stick them to the wall using Frog tape/painter's tape (as to not damage walls).

Ice Cream Toys: