Miami: Museum of Ice Cream.

When tickets went live for the general public, I booked 6 tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream pop-up in Miami. Tickets were $38, but after whatever fees, they ended up being close to $45 per ticket. The kids were excited at the concept of eating ice cream at a museum. Me? I wanted to go because it's pretty. And pink.

Upon arrival, I looped around a few times to find parking, until I discovered a public parking lot that was diagonally north of the museum (across the street from the hotel with the red awning between 35th and 36th Street on Collins).

We didn't wait for long until they let us in. I believe 11am is their first group of the day. An attendant checks ID for only one person (one name has to match out of all tickets booked). There was one rule: as you walk through each room, you can't go backwards to the previous room.

It starts with a line to see the fortune teller. You pick a card and she tells you what it means (the line gets backed up here.. I would skip it if there ever was a next time). You walk down a few steps to reach a vault door to get to the "Shake Your Buns" room. Here, you get your first taste of ice cream; chocolate soft serve with pink whipped cream.

Then, you walk into a courtyard with some pretty walls and a circus drum stand at the center. If you look up, there are floating balloons. There will probably be another line here as people wait to take turns on the drum stand.

You'll walk up some stairs and through the hallways with the slatted bars (there's potential for nice photos in the hallways; you should have at least two chances to walk through the hallways). The first hallway leads you to the ice cream fan room. An attendant teaches you a little dance (Liv was into this).

After that, you hit the cherry ball and banana swing room. You can pick up a chocolate covered banana pop on the way in. Liv had a go at everything. There are lines here too.

Don't miss the (not so) secret door to the coconut room!

There was another treat in the following room: melted ice cream! I didn't have a taste. Bubba liked it. Liv did not. There may be a line if you want to mess with the letter board. It was pretty tough to spell out Liv's hashtag because you had to dig in a box of letters.

You'll walk past this window above ^ to get to the sand room. The kids loved this room. They love playing with sand. There's a kinetic sand box in the center of the room. Liv wanted to stay in this room the longest. There are no lines in this room.

I carried my extendable iPhone tripod + bluetooth remote to take photos like this ^. A lot of people wished they had done the same. It's lightweight and folds as small as an umbrella. I don't like the iPhone attachment it comes with, so I swapped it out with my old one, but there are various options on Amazon too. It comes with a remote that I haven't used yet because I love my current remote.

The wall above separates the sand room from the candy-stacking room. You can remove around blocks on stationary sticks (I think they were made of coated foam.. think Rainbow Valley at Aventura Mall). There's also a sweet treat at the end of the room: gummy candies. One of each kind per person. Potential line here too.

I asked Liv if she wanted to save some for later.. she said no.

You'll walk through another slatted hallway (last chance to take a hallway shot) and stairs (this set has the best light) to get to the rooftop terrace. You can play bean bag toss. There are hula hoops. There are circular stumps to jump around on. It overlooks a fantastic view of the beach in the distance. In the room, there's the last ice cream stop: key-lime. Olivia said it was her favorite because "it tastes like lemonade." There are stools on the side. There's one ping-pong table and the cascading popsicles are beyond that.

This room is all about lines. A line if you want key-lime ice cream. A line if you want to play ping-pong. A line to take pictures with the popsicles. And then the longest line: the wait for the elevator down to the sprinkle pool. It can get pretty hot as you wait because I'm not sure if they turn on the AC up there. The kids were sweating. They enjoyed the view of the floating balloons as they waited.

They will repeatedly tell you not to eat the sprinkles. They're not real. They are made of plastic. We were ushered into the elevator as a group of 9 (6 with my group and 3 others). Once you're at the sprinkle pool floor, you're directed to take off your shoes, not to jump in the pool, and to wait your group's turn. There's another rule that's not mentioned anywhere: you only get TWO minutes in the sprinkle pool. This was the only attendant in the entire museum that wasn't friendly. Also, the 3 others we went with (a man, a woman, and a child) basically took up the prime space the entire time. Liv really wanted to jump off the diving board, but the man laid smack dab in the middle of the pool underneath the diving board. The kids in our group moved to the other side of the pool so that they could "splash" around. I waited til the attendant was basically kicking us out to move Liv back to the diving board. As the woman got out of the pool, she stood in the view of my camera to shake herself off (the pool itself is small, but there's a lot of space around the pool). Liv finally got to jump off the board, but had to get right out because time was up.

The sprinkle pool is the last room of the museum before the gift shop. Liv chose gummy bear bubbles. Bubba chose an ice cream fan. My nephew chose a popsicle plush toy. My niece chose an ice cream bowl/spoon set. I took home a deck of their ice cream cards because they were super cute.

Overall thoughts about MOIC? It's an Instagram playground. While neat in concept, I feel like it could be a little more organized. People basically wait around to take photos one after the other. You don't get much time on the cherry ball, the banana swing, or the sprinkle pool because people are waiting after you (and there's only one of each). The sand room, the candy room, and the rooftop terrace are probably the only places where you can really take your time to play. You aren't always surrounded by courteous or considerate people. The sprinkle pool was my least favorite part because you only get two minutes. It wasn't enough time for the kids to fully enjoy it. Was it worth it? Not necessarily. Would I go again? Maybe.. the kids said they had a good time.