Riverbend Park with Jessica Lorren.

I love Jessica Lorren. I really do. Her work speaks for itself, but her aura is just as wonderful. She's warm like an old friend. She exudes positivity and confidence.. she knows what she's doing. And she's good at it.

She's taken my favorite pictures of Nathaniel and Olivia. We first found her when looking for a photographer for a family session before Olivia was born (2012). After Olivia was born, we did a mini holiday session in 2014. Olivia was in her stranger-danger phase at the time and I was a bit nervous as to how she would react to a photographer. She hit it off with Jessica from the start. I was in awe. It was as if she'd always known her. That's just the vibe Jessica gives off.. pretty amazing that a child can sense it too.

Garage shot before heading to Riverbend.

Garage shot before heading to Riverbend.

She's since relocated to NYC, but occasionally visits South Florida. I jumped on the opportunity to work with her again thinking I'd send holiday cards out this year (I haven't and I didn't.. cue Grinch). The kids don't have many photos with their only first cousin, so I wanted to include my nephew.

She suggested Riverbend Park in Jupiter and I completely understood why. It's picturesque. We even spotted a peacock and a baby deer.

^^ I captured Jessica in action and here's the shot she was taking.

The photo for the holiday card I never sent out (the card design I considered: here).

If you do head to Riverbend, pack some bug spray. Lots of it. I had some California Baby bug spray in my car and we all used it, but it wasn't enough to keep the swarms of mosquitoes away. We all left with some itchy souvenirs.

She sent a copy of each photo + a USB for all the images in this perfectly packaged keepsake box. I seriously love everything about how she does everything.