24 Hours in Paris.

Since our original tickets for our summer 2017 European vacation (Santorini, Athens, French Riviera) were booked as a round-trip through Paris, it was our last stop before home. Why only 24 hours? I needed to get back for a friend's wedding.. that ultimately got postponed due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances. It would be my little brother's first time in Paris. With only 24 hours, we wanted to make sure he got to see all the major sites.

We took the first flight out of Nice and dropped our bags off at Residence du Roy. With so many people in our group, this was the only hotel with availability. All 11 people were heading to Paris and we booked two family rooms (they took a later flight in). The staff members were really kind and accommodating. It's a budget-friendly option for families as well.

From there, we walked to the Eiffel Tower. This was probably the number one place that my brother wanted to see. We thought it'd be a great start to Paris. We hung out at the Trocadéro for a bit.

We had lunch at Laduree in the Champs-Élysées area. While I don't love the food at Laduree.. it's somewhere we can go without researching reviews. The macarons are a plus for Olivia. She orders by color: pink.

They went off to Notre Dame while Olivia and I explored the area. I did a little shopping before we all met to have dinner at Ebis (mentioned here). We've been here before and we usually have a meal here during every trip. They're consistently good.

We walked around the Louvre grounds and through the Tuileries right after dinner. The kids played on the playground, but the trampolines were closed by then. I can't recall if we did the ferris wheel (or if it was even there at the time).

My uncle's flight from Nice was delayed so they didn't get into Paris until later that day (they were staying a few more days than we were). We all ended the night in front of the Arc de Triomphe. The sun sets really late during the summer and the Arc closes at 11pm so we saved this for last intentionally.

Everyone, aside from Liv and I, walked the steps up to the top. It's a must-do for first-timers in Paris. Your thighs may be sore the day after, but it is worth it. The view is like no other. Liv was already tired so she and I people watched around Champs-Élysées and walked the way back to the hotel.

I asked the boys what their favorite part about the entire trip was.. they said it was hanging out with the entire family. Broken down.. The pool was their favorite of Santorini. The Acropolis was Athens; for Liv, it was playing with K. The beach day at Cannes was the French Riviera fav. Being able to get to see so much in one day was Paris.

It was my brother's first time there, but I'm hoping it's not his last. We love Paris so much that I'm always down to take any of my siblings. I'm always open to taking them on any adventure around the world because I know how magical it is for my kids.. it's special when they get to share it with my siblings as well (especially because my little brother and Nathaniel are only two years apart).