The New Normal.

I've contemplated whether to write this post for awhile now (nearly a year).. How much of my personal life do I want to share with the world? This blog is a random place for me to post DIYs, our traveling adventures, and to talk about my kids every now and then. This affects every aspect of my children's lives and it definitely changes mine too.. so here goes.

My friend and I used to talk about our 30s. Most people cringe at the thought of aging, but I always told her I'd look forward to it.. That hopefully, we'd figure things out or, at the very least, we'd understand ourselves a little better.

While I do have a better sense of who I am, it turns out.. I don't think there will ever be any time in life where anyone figures everything out. We give and we take.. and we learn how to roll with the punches. I celebrated my 30th birthday this past March. Never had I imagined I would be saying goodbye to the past 10+ years of my life, moving out into an apartment, and learning how to co-parent two children.

Divorce. It's like taboo, but I don't necessarily view it as a bad thing. If we don't make each other better people and we aren't a team in that way, then what are we doing? There's a lot of history and I'm not going to delve into details, but we just don't work. It happens. That's okay. No matter how many people think it's their business to interject.. this has and always will be between the two of us.

Life as a single parent.. I don't see it that way. Our number one priority is Nathaniel and Olivia. We are still a family. Unconventional.. but we make our own rules. We respect each other as parents.. plain and simple.

All of our lives will be different. We're all learning how to adapt to this new normal. Nathaniel will be staying with his father as he finishes off his last year of elementary school. Olivia and I will be moving into an apartment.

The decision to have our children living separately wasn't/isn't an easy one. We get the inquires.. We get the heat.. but it's so much easier to judge from the outside looking in. All of this is new to all of us. What we do know is that we love both children with every fiber of our being. We are both good parents. We are going to do right by them. And we're going to co-parent the heck out of this.


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