Gift Guide for Babies.

Is it me or is everyone having babies lately!? I love everything baby-related. Baby showers, pregnant mamas, and new baby smell!!

When giving gifts, I stick to a few go-tos:

Books - We love love love books! We love to receive them and we love to gift them. Below are a few of our favorites.
I love you through and through
The very hungry caterpillar
Goodnight moon
I'll see you in the morning
Snuggle puppy
Dear zoo

Clothing - In the first few months, we stick to easy to get-on-and-off clothing. Be prepared for daily outfit changes (spit-up and blowouts)!
Carter's t shirts
Polo footies and separates
H&M bodysuits
Mittens - These are the best ever! We've tried plenty and these actually stay on.

Diapers - We stuck to organic/natural diapers with Olivia because everything else caused rashes. And the cute prints are a plus!
Honest company

Swaddle blankets from Modern Burlap. They get softer with use and the prints are so chic!

Heirloom Bear Blanket from Roxy Marj. It's a thing of beauty. Olivia uses hers as a blanket and for pretend play. This, too, gets softer with use! PS. Roxy is also a very inspiring lady! Her positivity is infectious.

Le Sac En Papier. I love these bags. For storage and for decor!

Zuzii loafers. When Olivia outgrows her previous pair of Zuziis, we always have a new pair on the way. They're handmade in LA. So classic and so comfy!

Miffy. We brought a stuffed doll home from Tokyo Character Street in the basement of Tokyo Station.

Uppababy Mesa - We used and loved the ease of use with this carseat. It was, by far, the most functional carseat on the market.
Uppababy Cruz - The Mesa and the Cruz snap right in to each other. When stroller shopping, being super petite, we had to test out which strollers I could fold and lift in and out of my car. We were original Bugaboo users, but quickly converted to Uppababy because of the form and function. They didn't have the black on black option back then though!
Mountain Buggy Nano - As Olivia got older, we realized a full-size stroller wasn't necessary for our lifestyle anymore. We were planning to travel and decided to invest in a small stroller. The Nano can fold and fit into the overhead bins of an airplane (no more mishandling!). Maneuverability is amazing; I can one-hand it and open my own doors. The only con from having the Nano is that it sits lower whereas the Cruz sat her at table level with us.