Liv & Nursing.

Two years and one month later, we have officially stopped nursing!

Bubba spent a little over 4 months in the NICU (he was a 25-weeker preemie) and his stomach couldn't handle breastmilk for the first month. I pumped and stored a frozen supply for the NICU, but I never actually nursed my son. Truth be told, I was 19/20 and didn't think to think the things I do now with Livi. Bubs was mostly a formula baby because I didn't upkeep my supply.

With Livi, nursing came so natural. We never had any issues and she was a good eater! She'd be full and finished within 5-10 minutes. I loved nursing.

I've been ready to stop for two months now, but I wasn't sure how to take the leap. I wondered how she would take it + I was kinda scared. We've been nursing for two years. We were entering new territory.

We conquered potty training within a week, so I decided to be optimistic. After some research, I felt that going cold turkey was our best bet (this is not an ideal choice for others because of engorgement and possible risk of infection/mastitis). 

I had a one on one chat with my little lady.. emphasizing what a big girl she is now and that it was time to say bye bye to mama's "boo." That very same day, she drank a cup of whole milk before she went down for a nap with no tears and no tantrum. It's been over a week since we've gone cold turkey and she's been amazing. There were minor tears one night but I kept reminding her that she is a big girl. Ever since then, she's been more than fine. She doesn't even ask to nurse. I'm in awe of her.

As for me, I experienced 3-4 days of engorgement with no other symptoms. There is slight sensitivity 8 days later now, but everything seems back to normal (albeit smaller).

PS. As a mama who's nursed past 12 months, I've experienced negative looks and/or comments. I've also experienced random strangers who would come up to us to say how beautiful it is (I was never embarrassed about using a nursing cover in public, but apparently some people are offended by that too). 

We all have our own lives and make choices that are best for our families. I never let the naysayers bother me and I hope other mamas do the same! Whether you're on formula or breastfeeding. Whether you stopped nursing at 2 months or 2 years. Cheers to just being a parent! Because it really is the best thing in the world.

PPS. I've really missed getting dressed without having to think whether it's easy to nurse in or not.