DIY: Are You Kitten Me? Invitation.

Olivia's 1st birthday invitation was a pop-up card, so when her 2nd birthday rolled around, I knew I wanted to do another! Her birthday party theme this year was "Are You Kitten Me?" (based around the aesthetic of a kitty box template from Lucille Michieli).

Lucille Michieli’s Kitty Box Template (download no longer available on her site)*
Paper Trimmer (I use a heavy duty Carl 15” trimmer.) 
Exacto Knife
Glue (I used Elmer’s adhesive roller)
Photos of the pop-up subject

  1. Using kitty box template, I moved things around in Apple Pages to create an invitation template. I printed it on 110 lb cardstock.

  2. Cut each piece out. I used a paper trimmer.

  3. Fold the two rectangles in half.

  4. Cut out a small, thin strip of cardstock. Fold it into a hook-like shape.

  5. Adhere it to the inside.

  6. Place the photo onto the strip. (I printed wallet-sized photos and cut them out one by one.)

  7. Cut two lines with an exacto knife to insert the ears.

  8. Glue down the two ear panels on the inside.

  9. Place the two folded halves on top of each other and glue them together.

You can play around with the concept to create different types of pop-up cards. This is, generally, how I make all of mine, but I usually print front and back instead of gluing two layers together.

*Prior to creating the invitation, I emailed Lucille to ask for her permission to use her template in a different way. A big thank you to her!