Liv & Potty Training.

We introduced the potty to Olivia early on (she was probably 9 months). We would take her to potty as soon as she woke up and right before bedtime. There came a point in time where she wasn’t having it, so we stopped.

When I closed shophaha, our first priority was potty training. Again, we were in no rush because she wasn’t even two yet (1.5 months away from her birthday). We did it more out of necessity because Liv’s bum didn’t agree with diapers. As a newborn, we used Pampers Swaddlers fine. When we switched to Pampers Cruisers, Liv developed red bumps all over the diapered areas. Because we weren’t going to experiment with such a delicate area on our girl, we decided to make the switch to more natural diapering. We tried Babyganics diapers next, but they were so heavy when wet (no rash though!). We tried The Honest Company and never looked back. They were light, they didn’t leak, and no rashes! We were fine until the month or so before we potty trained. Olivia started to get rashes on the borders of the diaper (on her upper thighs and her belly).

Liv is incredibly smart. She amazes us with how much she understands. Her temperament (or any other toddler’s) can be up and down though. With potty training Bubba, there was no fuss and no muss. He just did it. He was closer to three, but he loved his frog potty. He never had any accidents (even at night). Bubba and his sister are complete opposites, so we weren't setting any standards with potty training Olivia.

We knew going in that we did not want to make this experience negative for her in any way. We turned on our best can-do attitude. We rolled up our living room rug. We pushed aside the furniture to give her a big, open area of play. We set up a potty area with books, toilet paper, and baby wipes on the side. In case there were messes (and there will be), we had stacks of towels and some clorox wipes on hand.

For one full week, Olivia roamed the house naked. Completely naked. I think she loved it.

Frequently, we would ask her if she needed to use the potty. Most times she would say no. On day one, she used the potty twice. The rest of the time, it ended up on the floor. When it did, we would say, “Where do we potty? In the toilet.” and point to the potty. Eventually, we would ask the question + “in the….” to give her the queue to say “toilet.”

Every time she used the potty, we would reward her with one small piece of candy (a skittle or a mini m&m) and LOTS of praise. She definitely looked forward to this. Every day, she would use the potty more and more. By week two, she was in Hanna Anderson training underwear and asking to use the toilet. We still had a few random accidents since then, but we always emphasized that we potty in the toilet.

When we leave the house, she wears The Honest Company training pants. Right before we leave, we take her to the potty. Every 30 minutes, we try to be by a restroom. We still haven’t conquered night time potty training because I was still nursing up until this week.

Although we’re not completely potty trained, we are definitely proud parents! However you decide to potty train, our best advice is to find something that excites them. For Bubs, it was a frog potty. For Liv, it was her little rewards.