DIY: Paper Flowers

Shophaha started with the tissue paper flower. I had a flipagram up on my instagram account (@meethaha), but I figured it might be a little easier when the photos aren't moving.

Tissue paper and/or mylar sheets
Yarn or ribbon

  1. Layer at least 3 sheets of tissue paper and cut them into a rectangle. More tissue paper layers = a fuller paper flower.
  2. Fold the stack in half twice and then one last time the long way.
  3. Cut your choice of petal shape at the top open end of the stack.
  4. Open up the stack to be flat.
  5. Layer at least 3 sheets of tissue paper or mylar and cut them into a mini rectangle for the center of the flower. Leave it as is or cut them as a fringe.
  6. Layer the center stack in the petal stack and fold them together in a fan-like manner.
  7. Tie the middle of the fan with yarn or ribbon. If you’re using yarn, 100% cotton works best because blended cotton can unravel.
  8. Start pulling up each layer of tissue paper one by one, starting with the center. To minimize tearing, try to grab each layer as close to the middle tie as possible.